What it's all about?

What is it for?

It's like a quick diary entry every week, saying how you are doing.
Making a quick diary entry every week can help you to see if there are any patterns between what is going on in your life.
When you keep a record, you can sometimes see how stuff makes you feel.

How should I use it?

Each week spend five minutes recording how you are doing.
Our TESS computer makes a few suggestions.
You can see past weeks entries.
Do it for as long, or as little time as you want.

How confidential is it?

We don't store your name or any details that could identify you.
You can enter what you want to and stop at any time.
You don't have to give your email to use the system.
If you do give your email it will be stored encrypted so no-one can read it. (If you need a password reminder, you give your email again.)
The computer stores your entries and makes suggestions. The entries are not read by a human being.

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